One of ''us'', someone who is from this town and has all predispositions to succeed is Diego Kapelan. He made his first steps in Vancouver playing basketball, now they called him ''the white Ray Allen'' because his high scores per game. He is the one of the most tallented young basketball players in USA and there is great future in front of him! He plays in McNeese University team from Lake Charles today.
We asked him for a little interview to get know him closely and to tell him that we are proud on his success.

First thanks for your time to do this interview with us. At the beginning tell us why basketball? How everything has started?
The reason I choose basketball is because at the time that I was growing up in Vancouver we got a new NBA team ''the Vancouver Grizzlies''. So at this time basketball was very popular and everyone was playing it. I also played soccer and hockey and basketball was actually my weakest sport but I practiced everyday because I wanted to be better than everyone. After playing so much I just fell in love with the sport and havenít stopped playing.
Are the parents were the one who guied you into the sports?
My family always supported me playing basketball and has helped me so much. I would not be where I am if it wasnít for my family support. My dad is a big sports fan but my mom does not know much...she just always supported anything that I loved to do.
Here the Kapelan family is familiar as ''sport's family''. Is your mum collect article about you? ?
My mom gets all her sports knowledge from me :) haha. I taught her that Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player alive. Sheís a big Lakers fan now!
Is there any basketball player who you look up to?
The basketball player that I look up to the most is Kobe Bryant. Heís the best player in the world right and I also love the way he works so hard and is so focused.
Why number O for your jersey?
The reason I choose 0 for my jersey # is because before I started my first season at McNeese, people would tell me that I was going to score 0 points. I wanted to prove everyone wrong.
Motto of McNeese University is Excellence with personal touch. Which one is yours?
Every day is a new day, seize the moment.
It is interesting that your game is mix of american and european style, especially because you grew up in NBA enviroment?
I was around lots of NBA stuff but many people in vancouver are european, so that influence made my game a mixture of both.
They called you ''the white Ray Allen''. Is that impress you?
Itís a big compliment to me that I get compared to Ray Allen, it would be a blessing to have a basketball career like he has had.
Would you like to play in Europe?
Yes, I would love to play in Europe.
You speak serbian and english. How much Bosnia means to you?
I like to follow how their basketball team is doing...I would like to see the soccer team at the world cup one day and basketball team at olympics..I hope I can help! I also stay in touch with my family that still lives there..My cousin Nemanja is a big supporter of my basketball!!
Have you ever been in Petrovac?
Yes, I lived there before we moved to canada. I have only been back to visit once.
What are you like to do in your spare time?
I like to sleep to rest my body and get it ready for my next training. I also like to watch movies and listen to music.
Is american way of living has too much difference than canadian?
Yes, when I am in America I donít have much time to relax. I always stay busy. When I am in Canada I have more free time.
What are your plans for the future?
The plan right now is to finish my diploma at McNeese. I will be done in December. Also to train as hard as I can and make my basketball dreams become a reality. I would like to be a businessman when I am done playing basketball.
For the end, what are you going to tell Petrovac's citizens?
Anything is possible and never give up.

Quick questions:
Cevapi or burek: Hard decision..I have to say both!
Sea or mountain: I love warm weather, so I have to say ocean/sea..the beach is a better answer
Vancouver or Lake Charles: Vancouver
Dwayne Wade or Richard Hamilton: I play more like Richard Hamilton but I love watching Dwayne Wade, heís very exciting to watch. So I have to say Dwayne Wade.
Tracy MCGrady or Emanuel Ginobili: Emanuel Ginobili
Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Diego, we wish you good luck!